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    现金百家乐网站Well, when breakfast had been disposed of the Doctor sharpened his pencil, got out a notebook and, telling Too-Too to listen carefully, in case he should miss anything, he asked the turtle to begin the story of the Flood.


    "Humph!" murmured the Doctor, as he thoughtfully brushed the toast crumbs off the bed clothes. "But why did they pick you to bring the message?"
    "Gub-Gub ate them," said Too-Too. "Those are the sprouts, no doubt, that the thrushes brought here."
    "What do you mean—birds?" the Captain asked. "Pigeons—trained canaries, or something?"


    1."The King saw the Doctor's canoe arriving"
    2."A sanitarium," said the Doctor, "is a sort of mixture between a hospital and a hotel—where people stay who are invalids.... Well, I agreed to this idea. Then I and my young friend—his name was Phipps, Dr. Cornelius Q. Phipps—took a beautiful place way off in the country, and we furnished it with wheel chairs and hot-water bottles and ear trumpets and the things that invalids like. And very soon patients came to us in hundreds and our sanitarium was quite full up and my new thermometer was kept very busy. Of course, we made a lot of money, because all these people paid us well. And Phipps was very happy.
    3."Anything new in London?" asked the white mouse who was also city bred.
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